What makes a great bathroom renovation specialist?

bathroom renovation specialist
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The choices are endless when it comes to bathroom renovation suppliers. Before considering what each provider offers, list your own criteria and consider whether the companies on your shortlist can meet your standards. Here are some of the qualities you should add to the list:

1. Proven records of success

While years of experience are quite telling of a renovator’s expertise, a newly instituted supplier might be even more skilled and willing to hear out your specifications. Read through your prospective supplier’s testimonials and view galleries of their previous projects. These should give you a better idea of how they may treat your space.

2. Detail and customisation oriented

It might be tempting to simply follow a set of construction protocols and apply them from one home to another. Still, you’ll know a supplier’s excellence in implementing projects if they consider the advantage of adjusting their work to enhance the beauty and efficiency of your home. A good renovation specialist will seamlessly adjust their fittings, from your tiles to shower screen placements, to suit your needs.

3. High Quality Partners

The best bathroom renovators have respected partners that they source fixtures and fittings from. They focus on what they do best, and work with other people who do what they do best! Renovation partnerships also allow for more choice on the homeowners’ end. They’ll have increased access to different styles, colours and textures to fit their taste. At Aquatic Bathrooms, we have Geisha Ceramic Tiles as our partner to provide affordable floor and wall tiles for our customers.

4. Price reasonability

Price is one of the most important parts of renovating. You want something affordable but of a high quality. Good providers will offer a free quote so you can compare and see just how good the price is for what you are getting. But remember, you want a good price for a good product so the cheapest may not be the best (and likely, the most expensive won’t be either!).

5. Warranties

Warranty packages give you the assurance of getting your key pieces covered in the next few years. A great bathroom specialist will have a reliable warranty or guarantee for the work they do. This means repairs may be done and parts can be replaced for free, or at a fraction of a cost, within a few years.

At Aquatic Bathrooms, we provide a 6.5 year warranty for workmanship and 7.5 year warranty for shower screens. The fixtures we install also have warranties from 1 to 5 years.

These are just few of the features you should look for in a great bathroom specialist. At Aquatic Bathrooms, we strive to tick all the boxes. Call us now at 0411 857 566 to see for yourself.

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