Transform your bathroom look with new design trends

bathroom design
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After a long and tiring day at work, the bathroom is the ideal place to reinvigorate your exhausted mind and body. You can hop inside the tub, have a relaxing bubble bath and enjoy the rest of the night with a glass of red wine. However transforming the bathroom into your own personal sanctuary can sometimes be daunting. If you are at a crossroads, here are some of the latest design trends to give you inspiration:

Classic lighting fixtures

Lighting can create a relaxing vibe in your bathroom. If you are tired of the typical fluorescent lights, replace them with a timeless statement piece. You can choose vintage lighting items in eclectic styles that provide a unique appeal and efficient illumination at the same time.

Attractive coverings

Privacy is important in bathrooms. Many individuals choose coverings such as blinds and shades to prevent unwanted eyes from peeking in. However, these window covers can also inhibit natural light from illuminating the room. This year, linen sheers are the recommended alternative. They provide privacy, allow the sun’s rays to shine through and add a sophisticated style to the bathroom space.

Larger storage

Another trending design is installation of additional storage for large bathrooms. These storage cabinets do not feature doors and drawers, allowing for easy accessibility. The open cabinets are usually built on top of one another to utilise the vertical space.

Vanity fixtures

More and more, homeowners are updating vanity fixtures to redecorate their bathrooms. For instance, vessel sinks with faucets sticking out from the walls are becoming a popular option as it provides an elegant and sophisticated style.

Aquatic Bathrooms is up-to-date with new bathroom designs. They can use the latest industry trends to transform your bathroom in a modern and sophisticated space. Whatever look you’re after, you can get professional guidance and advice by giving Aquatic Bathrooms a call on 0411 851 566.

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