DIYs and Professional Services on Bathroom Renovations

bathroom renovation services
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While it may seem easier to choose a standard bathroom renovation design from a supplier, taking on some DIY projects puts a personal touch on your space. So, when should you get the professionals in and when can you do a little DIY? Here are some examples:

Professional Services

  • Tile replacement
    The experts have better experience, tools and access to products than the average person. Not to mention, if you do something wrong, it can have serious consequences. This is one area where you should always get a professional in.
  • Shower screen installation
    Modern day shower screens can add light and space in the bathroom. They give off an impression of continuity as it lets natural light pass through the entire room. But installing yourself can be risky. Professionals will also offer a warranty that you will not get with DIY.
  • Plumbing and electrical adjustments
    Plumbing, drainage and electrical systems are very tricky to tackle, as they affect the water and energy supply in a bathroom. Taking care of this yourself can lead to bursting pipes, toilet malfunctions or electrocution. Get an expert to handle it, safely.


  • Organiser and vanity cabinet change ups
    This can be your very own weekend project or you may install an off-the-rack piece below your vanity mirror. The piece can be designed in many ways, plus you can change up its style each time from rustic, shabby chic to sleek and practical.
  • Accents
    Accent pieces are the most affordable and easy-to-implement option to further personalise and add beauty to your bathroom. Vases, framed art and artisanal soaps are just a few of the items you can place in your bathroom. Spend a little and get a lot just by adding some nice decorative features to the bathroom.

While there are creative and ingenious ways to make a change in your bathroom yourself, some home projects need to be handled by professionals. For major bathroom renovations, contact Aquatic Bathrooms at 0411 857 566 today.

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