What makes a great bathroom renovation specialist?

The choices are endless when it comes to bathroom renovation suppliers. Before considering what each provider offers, list your own criteria and consider whether the companies on your shortlist can meet your standards. Here are some of the qualities you should add to the list:

1. Proven records of success

While years of experience are quite telling of a renovator’s expertise, a newly instituted supplier might be even more skilled and willing to hear out your specifications. Read through your prospective supplier’s testimonials and view galleries of their previous projects. These should give you a better idea of how they may treat your space.

2. Detail and customisation oriented

It might be tempting to simply follow a set of construction protocols and apply them from one home to another. Still, you’ll know a supplier’s excellence in implementing projects if they consider the advantage of adjusting their work to enhance the beauty and efficiency of your home. A good renovation specialist will seamlessly adjust their fittings, from your tiles to shower screen placements, to suit your needs.

3. High quality partners

The best bathroom renovators have respected partners that they source fixtures and fittings from. They focus on what they do best, and work with other people who do what they do best! Renovation partnerships also allow for more choice on the homeowners’ end. They’ll have increased access to different styles, colours and textures to fit their taste. At Aquatic Bathrooms, we have Geisha Ceramic Tiles as our partner to provide affordable floor and wall tiles for our customers.

4. Price reasonability

Price is one of the most important parts of renovating. You want something affordable but of a high quality. Good providers will offer a free quote so you can compare and see just how good the price is for what you are getting. But remember, you want a good price for a good product so the cheapest may not be the best (and likely, the most expensive won’t be either!).

5. Warranties

Warranty packages give you the assurance of getting your key pieces covered in the next few years. A great bathroom specialist will have a reliable warranty or guarantee for the work they do. This means repairs may be done and parts can be replaced for free, or at a fraction of a cost, within a few years.

At Aquatic Bathrooms, we provide a 6.5 year warranty for workmanship and 7.5 year warranty for shower screens. The fixtures we install also have warranties from 1 to 5 years.

These are just few of the features you should look for in a great bathroom specialist. At Aquatic Bathrooms, we strive to tick all the boxes. Call us now at 0411 857 566 to see for yourself.

DIYs and Professional Services on Bathroom Renovations

While it may seem easier to choose a standard bathroom renovation design from a supplier, taking on some DIY projects puts a personal touch on your space. So, when should you get the professionals in and when can you do a little DIY? Here are some examples:

Professional services

  • Tile replacement 

    The experts have better experience, tools and access to products than the average person. Not to mention, if you do something wrong, it can have serious consequences. This is one area where you should always get a professional in.

  • Shower screen installation 

    Modern day shower screens can add light and space in the bathroom. They give off an impression of continuity as it lets natural light pass through the entire room. But installing yourself can be risky. Professionals will also offer a warranty that you will not get with DIY.

  • Plumbing and electrical adjustments 

    Plumbing, drainage and electrical systems are very tricky to tackle, as they affect the water and energy supply in a bathroom. Taking care of this yourself can lead to bursting pipes, toilet malfunctions or electrocution. Get an expert to handle it, safely.


  • Organiser and vanity cabinet change ups 

    This can be your very own weekend project or you may install an off-the-rack piece below your vanity mirror. The piece can be designed in many ways, plus you can change up its style each time from rustic, shabby chic to sleek and practical.

  • Accents 

    Accent pieces are the most affordable and easy-to-implement option to further personalise and add beauty to your bathroom. Vases, framed art and artisanal soaps are just a few of the items you can place in your bathroom. Spend a little and get a lot just by adding some nice decorative features to the bathroom.

While there are creative and ingenious ways to make a change in your bathroom yourself, some home projects need to be handled by professionals. For major bathroom renovations, contact Aquatic Bathrooms at 0411 857 566 today.

Budgeting Tips for Your Bathroom Renovations

Changing up the look of your bathroom doesn’t have to mean a hefty price tag.  It’s time to put your budget saving skills to the test. Here are five things that can be done for less:

1. Use wire baskets instead of pricey cabinet units

If you need extra storage and are limited on space and funds, sleek wire organisers are a great solution. These racks are also easier to replace and install. In comparison to a standard, basic wooden cabinet, a wire-made organiser will also be a fraction of the cost.

2. Balance your use of tiles, timber and paint

Tiles are expensive to buy and place in your bathroom, so it can be cost effective to use them sparingly. Be selective and only use tiles where necessary, going for paint and timber in other spaces.

3. Use energy efficient pieces

Thankfully, the average homeowner already has access to less expensive and energy efficient products. There are LED light bulbs, as well as water saving faucets, toilet bowls and showers you can install in your bathroom.

Did you know you can save over $3,300 with 15 years’ use of LED light bulbs? In the long run, LEDs are certainly a more affordable option in lighting up your bathroom. There are also toilet bowls that specifically flush at 4.5L. You’ll save thousands of dollars within several years of using energy efficient toilets like this.

4. Commission a furniture maker

Instead of purchasing expensive furniture from specialty shops, compile your preferred design styles and speak with a designer. You’ll have a one a one of a kind item that is functional and attractive. Sometimes this can seem like the more expensive option, but if you do your research and use the service for feature pieces, it can be a great budget friendly option.

5. Stock up on organic DIY and off-the-rack accessories

Adding a touch of nature in the bathroom can make the space relaxing and inviting, without costing a lot of money. Some things you can add include:

  • Incense and candles
  • Homemade potpourri
  • Indoor plants
  • Waterproof wooden organisers

Budget-challenged homeowners don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on indoor fountains or other expensive furniture in their bathrooms. DIY it and reap the rewards.

It takes creativity and ingenuity to beautify your bathroom at a fraction of the cost. If you’d like to learn more about affordable bathroom renovations, contact Aquatic Bathrooms at 0411 857 566. Browse through our gallery and take your pick from our line of designs today.

5 Top Bathroom Renovation Solutions

A beautiful bathroom can make a relaxing retreat for homeowners. It’s the room to unwind, de-stress and pamper yourself. Do you want ideas to improve the design of your bathroom and make it a place of luxury? Here are five:

1. Plumbing

Water is the most crucial element in any bathroom experience, which is why your plumbing needs to be revisited before taking on any renovation project. This aspect may not be as glamorous to inspect, but it’s crucial to the smooth running of the space.

A good plumber will inspect these basic parts of your plumbing system:

  • Drains in bathtub, shower area and faucet (see possible clogs)
  • Faucet and shower head components (scrutinise condition of locknuts, gaskets, screws)
  • Toilet parts (inspect the tank, flush valves, wax ring)

They will also look at the layout of the space to ensure it is efficient.

2. Tiles

Bathroom renovations can get quite expensive, so your creativity and resourcefulness will come in handy in picking your new tiles. Buy a combination of similarly coloured tiles and line them up in transitioning shades. They may even be cut in various shapes and laid out in different patterns. Aquatic Bathroom’s regular tile supplier, Geisha Ceramics has a variety of affordable tile designs for you to mix and match.

3. Fixture upgrades

New pieces can enhance the cosiness of your bathroom. It also adds more value to your home, especially if you want to maintain your estate’s long-term equity. Updating these key items can make a whole lot of difference to your bathroom’s design:

  • Cabinets and organisers
  • Sinks and faucet sets
  • Bathtubs

4. New windows and lighting systems

Lighting can instantly change the mood in a space. Use this bathroom feature to your advantage by equally investing in energy efficiency. You may have a set of windows installed or redesigned for functional lighting during the day. In the evening, LED lighting can provide sufficient lighting while also lowering energy bills.

After functionality, accent pieces can enhance your bathroom’s relaxing atmosphere. Place some decorative lights on top of your vanity mirror for flattering illumination while getting ready. A 2-in-1 bathroom heater can also function as accent lighting to save you the expense of paying for two separate fixtures, as well as keeping you warm in the cool winter months.

5. New layout

Depending on the extent of work which needs to be done, the four previous bathroom renovation ideas may be included in the cost of your new layout. Are you planning to maximise bathtub space? Or perhaps you’re going for a more simple and clean looking layout. Plot your main bathroom activities along with your preferred design.

Some major furniture pieces may be placed right in the centre of your space, and serve as interesting accent pieces. Still, functionality is valuable. Place your faucets, cabinets and vanity mirrors in corners adjacent to your walls. Work with a designer to further maximise one of the most relaxing areas of your home.

Want to get started on renovating your space? Choose Aquatic Bathrooms for some of the best in the industry. Contact us at 0411 857 566 to get started today.

Light up your bathroom with energy efficient lighting

Nothing gives you more comfort than having a well-designed bathroom. It pays to choose details which contribute to relaxing pamper sessions and a good combination of energy efficient lighting fixtures and natural light can give your bathroom a fresher ambience conducive to a tranquil atmosphere.

Energy-efficient solutions

Some will de-stress by placing mood-setting aromatic scents as they stay in a bathtub, while others use the bathroom solely for cleaning and scrubbing. Bathrooms have dual purposes, set for grooming and unwinding. This is why a balance between loosening  up and priming up should be achieved through lighting.

A good combination between energy efficient lighting materials and natural light should be considered in this space. Not only will you be able to save on your utilities bill, you also get to contribute to the protection of the environment. This means using up as minimal energy as possible, without sacrificing practicality.

Choices to consider

Depending on the shape of your bathroom, you can have a selection of lights which can be evenly distributed. There are formats which can be simple, while some may have additional functions:

  • Regular lights

There are hundreds of styles and designs of regular lighting. However, it may not be suitable for the bathroom or energy saving purposes, as the lighting may be too harsh or use too much energy for this space.


  • Skylights
    Skylights take natural lighting and bring into the room via a daylighting system. This is a great way to reduce your environmental impact, save energy and reduce the use of artificial lighting during the day.

  • Light with diffuser

While some simple lighting accessories may do wonders for your bathroom, a diffuser can further extend the power of your lighting. This feature can help you control how light shines on certain areas of your bathroom, with the choice between ambient and bright lighting ideal for all applications.


  • Area-specific lights

Task lighting is ideal for pinpointing particular areas. For example, vanity mirrors need additional illumination. Area-specific lights can spotlight this particular area to make shaving and applying makeup easier.

Some consider their bathroom a sanctuary. Somewhere they can zone out as they freshen up. Lighting can change the whole mood or function of the space, so it is important to choose wisely. For more information or advice, talk to the experts at Aquatic Bathrooms.