Top 4 Tips on Designing luxury bathroom

Top 4 Tips on Designing luxury bathroom

Everyone deserves to be pampered sometimes and this includes in the bathroom. Luxurious bathrooms can turn into spas away from spas. As you find options to make your daily experiences even more indulgent, here are just four renovation aspects you might want to consider for the bathroom:

Emotion infused showers

You can have a lot of this built in. Certain scents, alternating water temperatures and water pressure are great additions that can ease the stress away, conditioning and massaging your body.


Sometimes some simple accessories are a great finishing touch to creating a relaxing atmosphere. Buy some candles, some big, soft towels and some soothing bath gels to ramp up the luxury.

Built-in spas

You can take the spa home with you and inject it into your home with a few key furnishings. Have a masseuse on call, or just lounge in a spa bath.  Be gently massaged by the tiny bubbles that come out from your bath. Towel warmers are also good to have, so you can avoid those awkward cold runs from the bathroom to your bedroom.

Underfloor heaters

This is a staple for every luxurious bathroom. You wouldn’t want to step onto icy surfaces when your objective is to relax. As you undergo a bathroom renovation, you need to check on high quality foot heaters. You don’t need to feel guilty if you’re thinking of consuming way too much energy on this feature as there are energy efficient options for you to choose from.

If you are looking at renovating your bathroom and need a little help, talk to the experts at Aquatic Bathrooms. They have the skills and experience to help create a functional, beautiful and relaxing space to suit your needs and budget.

Light up your bathroom with energy efficient lighting

Nothing gives you more comfort than having a well-designed bathroom. It pays to choose details which contribute to relaxing pamper sessions and a good combination of energy efficient lighting fixtures and natural light can give your bathroom a fresher ambience conducive to a tranquil atmosphere.

Energy-efficient solutions

Some will de-stress by placing mood-setting aromatic scents as they stay in a bathtub, while others use the bathroom solely for cleaning and scrubbing. Bathrooms have dual purposes, set for grooming and unwinding. This is why a balance between loosening  up and priming up should be achieved through lighting.

A good combination between energy efficient lighting materials and natural light should be considered in this space. Not only will you be able to save on your utilities bill, you also get to contribute to the protection of the environment. This means using up as minimal energy as possible, without sacrificing practicality.

Choices to consider

Depending on the shape of your bathroom, you can have a selection of lights which can be evenly distributed. There are formats which can be simple, while some may have additional functions:

Regular lights

There are hundreds of styles and designs of regular lighting. However, it may not be suitable for the bathroom or energy saving purposes, as the lighting may be too harsh or use too much energy for this space.


Skylights take natural lighting and bring into the room via a daylighting system. This is a great way to reduce your environmental impact, save energy and reduce the use of artificial lighting during the day

Light with diffuser

While some simple lighting accessories may do wonders for your bathroom, a diffuser can further extend the power of your lighting. This feature can help you control how light shines on certain areas of your bathroom, with the choice between ambient and bright lighting ideal for all applications.

Area-specific lights

Task lighting is ideal for pinpointing particular areas. For example, vanity mirrors need additional illumination. Area-specific lights can spotlight this particular area to make shaving and applying makeup easier.

Some consider their bathroom a sanctuary. Somewhere they can zone out as they freshen up. Lighting can change the whole mood or function of the space, so it is important to choose wisely. For more information or advice, talk to the experts at Aquatic Bathrooms.

How to make an eco-friendly bathroom

In the current society’s mindset, it has become a popular practice to infuse greener solutions in coming up with design ideas in the home. This is given more significance when applied to bathrooms, as water remains a valuable resource which is considered a depleting commodity in the world today.

To support the initiative in saving the environment, take note of the following steps in creating an eco-friendly bathroom:

Water-saving fixtures

There are showerheads and water-efficient toilets which can lessen consumption, spewing out only the ideal amount for your intended purpose. You may also benefit from a waste water system that takes the water from your bathroom and filters it for use around the home, such as watering the garden.

Solar lighting

You can look up solar lamps and bulbs on the net to get more accurate information on the technology. To sum it up, you can utilise the power collected from the sun to brighten up your bathrooms and keep it warm in the colder months as well. Even adjustable levels of dimming have been made possible to reduce power usage.

Recycled products

Common household items can be transformed into artistic and functional pieces. All you need is a bit of creativity and imagination. Think about how old CDs can be tied to strings and hung from the ceiling, turning into mobiles that reflect natural light from the outside, thereby illuminating the whole room. Other project ideas can be found on Pinterest and other DIY sites.

Organic materials

If you can do away with plastic, then it would certainly contribute to lessening the harmful effects they have to the environment. Choose natural materials like wood or bamboo when buying furniture and appliances for your bathroom. The natural hues also make for a great colour scheme.

Unlike before, factors that help save energy and other resources are no longer deemed as a deterrent to the overall aesthetic beauty of your bathroom. Aquatic Bathrooms support greener solutions, and you can ask them for more information on the subject by visiting their website at

Top 5 Bathroom design ideas

When doing bathroom renovations, you want to be as innovative and creative as your budget allows. It’s always a fascinating concept to have a unique design style which you can rightfully call your own. New bathroom designs can be hard to come by if your resources are limited.

If you need a starting point as to ideas to inspire you, here are five basic elements you can use as a springboard for your vision.

1.       Mood lighting

The decision with lighting fixtures often takes the backseat as the results are not immediately seen when they are installed. You can play around with dimming solutions or even other shades of light apart from white to create a certain mood in a room.

2.       Clear water concept

If you want a concept which can wow your guests and keep you entertained at the same time, check out some of the clear glass fixtures being used by innovative designers. The glass allows you to look through and see the splashing water as it flows. You can place it as your sink or use it as a concept for the bath tub. Glass wall panels are another option to consider.

3.       Organic feel

With much clamour for greener concepts, you can be one with the initiative for renewable energy by infusing some elements of nature into your bathroom design. Include plants and flowers, or consider using organic materials like wood and bamboo.

4.       Flowers and furs

You can also go a little feminine with flowery patterns and furry fixtures. Such elements can be quite pleasing to the eye and enjoyable for kids as well. The combination of both exhibits a playful and fun nature that reflects on the inhabitants’ penchant for life.

5.       White wash

In recent years, white walls in bathrooms have become popular, as it gives the room a more spacious feel. When patterned accordingly with black elements and natural colours, the white finish exudes an elegant ambience which is both attractive and relaxing.

For more expert advice on bathroom renovations and other unique design ideas, you can call 0411 857 566 and talk to a consultant from Aquatic Bathrooms.

Renovate your bathroom with your budget

A nice hot bath in the tub can rejuvenate your mind and body in so many ways. However, if your bathroom is filled with cracked tiles and mouldy corners, the enjoyment easily fades away into disappointment. The answer is a full renovation project for your bathroom, immediately transforming your bathing experience into a more comfortable endeavour.

There are several options you can consider in bathroom renovation. In case you have concerns about the cost, you can apply the following methods to keep the renovation process under a tight budget.

Read and research

At first, it’s quite easy to point at individual fixtures and say you want a new one. Whether it’s the toilet, sink or tiles, a newer brand can always seem like an obvious choice. The problem with this thinking is you miss out on looking at the bigger picture. Although individual products look attractive on their own, it may not match well with other items. It would be a good idea to research online and check out some sample bathroom ideas for you to consider before purchasing anything.

Identify elements you can still reuse

Did you know that the dull colours of old bathroom tiles can be reglazed and restored into more vibrant finishes? This is just one of the ways you can utilise what’s already in the bathroom without the need for replacements. It may necessitate a bit of creativity on your part, but the effort and extra thinking may be worth it when you look at the savings you acquire.

Consult with professional renovators

Sometimes, it’s fun to play around with original concepts and ideas, as this creates a permanent mark of your own identity on the bathroom renovation project. In keeping with allowable housing standards, you would still need to adhere to government regulations to ensure that your house is safe from leaks and other hazards. Hiring a consultant is a viable fix for this issue, and you also get access to other tips and suggestions to make your bathroom look better than ever without spending too much.

Budget is not necessarily a hindrance but an opportunity to infuse more thinking into the renovation process. You can talk to a bathroom expert by calling the representatives at Aquatic Bathrooms on 0411 857 566.

Renovate your bathroom with latest Colour Trends

105557072Last year, neutral and pastel colours were the popular colour palette for bathrooms. This year, the latest trend is all about striking, bolder and eye-catching hues. If you are looking to update the look of your bathroom, here is some colour inspiration:

Bright yellow
Yellow is a bright, attractive hue. It lightens the room, creating a cheery and happy atmosphere. It can also make a space look sophisticated, especially when paired with wooden furniture. If you prefer more contemporary feel, choose modern bathroom fixtures.

Invigorating orange
Orange is another popular colour choice this year. This is because the colour provides warmth to a room without blinding brightness. In fact, it can be soothing to the eyes when properly matched with another colour. To tone down orange, it is recommended to use tiles in neutral colours.

Bloody red
If you really want to make your bathroom renovation stand out, consider the colour red. This hue has the wow factor, especially when combined with fixtures in white or neutral colours. Combine red with black and you’ll achieve a sense of depth and mystery.

Deep blue
Deep blue can be the perfect colour scheme to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary. By combining different shades of blue you can provide a space of peace and serenity. Add a splash of green and yellow to establish a beachside atmosphere.

Pink domination
Pink is another quirky hue that can complete your bathroom renovate. Subtle shades are ideal to provide a sense of femineity and freshness. So if you want to create the ultimate girly space, go with pink.

For contemporary bathroom renovations, trust Aquatic Bathrooms. They are the leading bathroom experts in Brisbane, with more than 20 years of experience providing quality products and services. They can also give you the right advice when it comes to choosing your bathroom’s colour palette. Call them on 0411 851 566 to learn more about their bathroom renovation services.


Transform your bathroom look with new design treads

157775511After a long and tiring day at work, the bathroom is the ideal place to reinvigorate your exhausted mind and body. You can hop inside the tub, have a relaxing bubble bath and enjoy the rest of the night with a glass of red wine. However transforming the bathroom into your own personal sanctuary can sometimes be daunting. If you are at a crossroads, here are some of the latest design trends to give you inspiration:

Classic lighting fixtures
Lighting can create a relaxing vibe in your bathroom. If you are tired of the typical fluorescent lights, replace them with a timeless statement piece. You can choose vintage lighting items in eclectic styles that provide a unique appeal and efficient illumination at the same time.

Attractive coverings
Privacy is important in bathrooms. Many individuals choose coverings such as blinds and shades to prevent unwanted eyes from peeking in. However, these window covers can also inhibit natural light from illuminating the room. This year, linen sheers are the recommended alternative. They provide privacy, allow the sun’s rays to shine through and add a sophisticated style to the bathroom space.

Larger storage
Another trending design is installation of additional storage for large bathrooms. These storage cabinets do not feature doors and drawers, allowing for easy accessibility. The open cabinets are usually built on top of one another to utilise the vertical space.

Vanity fixtures
More and more, homeowners are updating vanity fixtures to redecorate their bathrooms. For instance, vessel sinks with faucets sticking out from the walls are becoming a popular option as it provides an elegant and sophisticated style.

Aquatic Bathrooms is up-to-date with new bathroom designs. They can use the latest industry trends to transform your bathroom in a modern and sophisticated space. Whatever look you’re after, you can get professional guidance and advice by giving Aquatic Bathrooms a call on 0411 851 566.

Breathe new life in your home with bathroom renovations

154012894The bathroom is one most important areas in a home. It is a place where one can feel a sense of solitude and peace at the end of a long and busy day. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t realise the importance of a clean and functional bathroom. When the bathroom is old and dirty, it can house insects and pests such as cockroaches and rodents. Mould can also build-up and trigger respiratory related conditions like asthma. You owe it to yourself and your family to take extra care in maintaining your bathroom. When renovating the bathroom you can expect the following benefits:

Be squeaky clean every day
Using a clean bathroom can help you feel refreshed throughout the day. This is because they are not sprayed with grime or dirt that builds-up on the shower head. Moreover, they aren’t exposed to gunge on the walls, tiles and fixtures.

Easy grooming
Many people also utilise the bathroom for grooming. With a bathroom renovation, mirrors and vanity cabinets can be strategically placed in an area where there is proper lighting. This means you can style your hair or apply make-up with ease.

Get in touch with your personal style
The living room and bedroom are not the only places that you can integrate your desired design. The bathroom can also be transformed to an elegant space that channels your personality and design preferences. For instance, textured walls, mosaic tiles and a pedestal style tub can result to a vintage yet classic Victorian inspired bathroom.

Aquatic Bathrooms, a trusted bathroom renovator in Brisbane, can turn your bathroom into a room to be proud of. They are the bathroom experts, dedicated to provide you with your desired results. They achieve this by offering quality materials and professional advice from start to finish. You can call them on 0411 851 566 to start you bathroom renovation today.

Advantages of having glass bathroom screens

There are many different ways to update your bathroom. You can place ornaments, add vanity fixtures and even replace the tile flooring. However, installing a glass bathroom screen can be the easiest way to enhance your bathroom’s functionality and appearance.

Create illusion and luminosity
Glass screens can make a limited space appear larger as it creates an optical illusion of openness. They can also brighten a bathroom as they reflect both natural and artificial light throughout the room. However, it is important to have a professional install them to exacting standards.203R_m

No matter how small or large your bathroom, glass shower screens are space-efficient and easy to install add-ons. They are available in varying shapes and sizes, allowing every inch of your bathroom to be maximised regardless of the floor measurements. Moreover, there are stylish glass finishes that you can choose from. You can select from the classic yet elegant plain finish or the luxurious frosted and laminated designs.

Easy to clean and maintain
Compared to shower curtains, glass screens are easy to maintain. You don’t need to take them down and place them inside the washing machine to clean them. All you need are glass cleaners and a cloth. If there are hard-to-remove grim build-ups, a stronger cleaning aide can make them sparkle once again.

Shower curtains don’t have a long life span. They are usually replaced every couple of months to prevent the growth of mould or mildew. On the other hand, glass screens are a onetime investment that can last for years. They will only require repair if there is visible damage to the surface.

Want to renovate your bathroom? Aquatic Bathrooms can get the job done. They are the bathroom renovation specialists, offering the best professional products and services in the industry. They can integrate glass screens to the renovation to make your bathroom spacious, modern and stylish. Call them on 0411 851 566 today.

How to select the right tiles for your bathroom

The availability of different types of tiles can allow you to choose the best selection for your bathroom renovation. However, the wide range of choices can also put homeowners in a state of confusion. If you are in need of bathroom tiles but don’t know what to pick, here are a few things you can consider:


Ceramic tiles
Ceramic tiles are the most popular option due to their affordability. They are also available in a variety of colour, sizes and shapes to allow easier integration with your bathroom’s design concept. However, they are very susceptible to damage. When you accidentally drop a heavy item on the surface, a ceramic tile will chip or crack.

Marble tiles
Compared to ceramic, marble tiles are stronger. They don’t easily chip or crack, even when they are repeatedly exposed to heavy use or regular impacts. In terms of style, they are ideal if you want to have a unique bathroom floor covering. This is because each slab features stunning and elegant patterns that are one-of-a-kind. The obvious disadvantage is marble tiles are difficult to install and costs more than other flooring options.

Tiles are important bathroom fixtures. They provide functional flooring and add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. For the best results, seek help from Aquatic Bathrooms. With over 20 years of experience in bathroom renovations in Brisbane they can [provide the expert advice you need. Call them on 0411 851 566.